Barry Pokorney

Barry Pokorney lives his life to the fullest. He grew up in the 50s and joined the Navy, where he worked on nuclear submarines. When he got out of the military, he become an engineer for Motorola where he wrote software and built networks. He helped design the first wireless modem for laptops. He then worked as a directive system engineer for numerous technology co-ops. Then he moved to south Florida and became a real estate broker. In 2008, after the housing market crashed, he moved to Pensacola and switched to boats.

After recovering from lung cancer, Barry is happy to be alive and says he is living on borrowed time. He’s been retired twice and says he really doesn’t have to work; he just loves boats.

He used to race sailboats in Scotland and has been sailing since he was a 10-year-old boy. He loves to promote sailing at a young age and reminds people of the value a boat can bring to a family. It creates memories and brings families together, he says.

He once sold a Blackfin Sportfish in Gulf Shores, Alabama to a rockstar who was a part of the band Weezer.

Fun fact: In high school, Barry was president of the rocket club and he used to build radio transmitters as a kid.

Barry’s goal isn’t to sell boats, but rather to match the right boat at the right price to the right person and build a relationship along the way.

He says you have to be patient and understanding and figure out what the whole family wants because “Happy wife, happy life.”

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