James Ready has worked about every job in the marine industry before he became a yacht broker. He has been a charter boat deckhand, marine electrician, diesel and outdoor technician, yacht delivery captain and technical specialist.

He’s sailed an 8-foot boat and a 90-foot boat; James just loves the water.

James wanted to be a Navy pilot at the age of 3 and his dad says yachting ruined a perfectly good lawyer or doctor. But the water called his name and he’s been a yacht broker for 17 years and in the maritime industry since 1977.

Part of James’s mission is to make sure his clients are informed of what they’re about to undertake because buying the boat is just the beginning.

He goes by James Ready The Boat Guy or The Boat Tinkerer. At the end of his life, he wants people to say he impacted them in a positive manner and guided the with the heart of a teacher.

Whether it was being a Sunday School teacher or teaching couples to own a boat without arguing, James loves teaching and being able to give people their future memories. Sometimes he’ll even plan his client’s first trip.

James is a huge fan of Hatteras and hand-built boats. He also fancies Tim Winters designs and loves catamarans. Most people are either sail boaters or power boaters, but James likes both. He’s been sailing since the age of 4 and at the age of 8 could run his dad’s Chris-Craft.

Fun fact: James has many lines of movies memorized and will quote them at any time. He’s also a Dave Ramsey fan.

He’s a good-natured, God-loving teacher who will make even a difficult process enjoyable and fun.

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